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New Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinet with Feet 45 Gallon Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet (Graphic)

New Flammable Liquid Safety Cabinet with 45 Gallon Dangerous Goods Storage Cabinet with Feet

Name: Combustible liquid fire safety cabinet Model: SSMR100045 (with feet)
Outer dimensions (height * width * depth) 1650 × 1090 × 460mm (non-standard customization is acceptable)
Color: Red Volume: 45 gallons / 170 liters Adjustable shelves: 2 door types: double door, manual (automatic door can be customized)
Net weight: 138kg
Standard accessories: 1 static grounding lead, 1 pair of operating gloves, 2 keys, a product description.

可燃液体防火安全柜特点: Flammable liquid fire safety cabinet features:

1. 我公司的安全柜通过欧盟CE权威认证,达到OSHA标准(美国职业安全健康管理局),符合NFPA (美国国家消防协会)第30条规定的要求用于规范存储易燃易爆液体及危险化学品。 1.Our company's safety cabinet has passed the European Union CE certification, reached OSHA standard (American Occupational Safety and Health Administration), and meets the requirements of Article 30 of the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) for regulating the storage of flammable and explosive liquids and hazards. Chemicals. 通过瑞士SGS质量认证。 Passed Swiss SGS quality certification.

2. 圆角柜门能防止意外划刻,做到更加人性化设计! 2. The cabinet door with rounded corners can prevent accidental scoring and achieve a more humane design! 内置的地面防火导线能抑制静电产生火花,从而起到更加安全的保护。 The built-in ground fire-prevention wire can suppress static sparks and thus provide more secure protection.

3. 门锁设计成防滑翻板把手,可以用指尖操作,轻松且毫不费力;凹嵌设计使路经人员不会被卡住.可根据客户要求配备两人双锁设计,增加安全性能。 3. The door lock is designed as a non-slip flap handle, which can be operated with fingertips, easily and effortlessly; the recessed design prevents passing personnel from being jammed . Two-person double lock design can be equipped according to customer requirements to increase safety performance . (选配密码锁) (Optional password lock)  
锁匙能防止未授权进入及盗窃(附有2把钥匙),增加视觉阻遏效果或钥匙识别作用 Keys can prevent unauthorized entry and theft (with 2 keys), increase visual blocking effect or key identification  

4. 三点式不锈钢门闩的锁门装置能自动防故障;耐高温及恶劣环境,能长时间无故障使用 4.Three-point stainless steel door latch lock device can automatically prevent failure; high temperature and harsh environment, can be used for a long time without trouble  

5. 带有自锁式门闩的门,配连续式铰链,以保证顺利打开及关闭。 5. The door with self-locking latch is equipped with continuous hinge to ensure smooth opening and closing.

6. 全焊接,双层壁,带有3.76cm绝缘空气隔层(可按客户需求填充耐火材料,使防火性能更加卓越),使用鞍钢1.2mm厚度冷轧钢板使柜体变得厚实,使用年限更长;这样构造减小了的空气间层使安全柜防火性能更强 6. Fully welded, double-walled, with 3.76cm insulated air barrier (can be filled with refractory material according to customer requirements, making fire resistance more excellent), using 1.2mm cold-rolled steel plate of Anshan Iron and Steel to make the cabinet thick and useful life Longer; reduced air compartments in this way make the cabinet more fire resistant  

7. 柜身底部50mm高的防漏液槽可能的防止化学液体的外溢。 7. The 50mm- high leak-proof tank at the bottom of the cabinet may prevent chemical liquid from overflowing.

8. 独有的带漏液漕镀锌层板,防腐蚀,防液漏,可承托400lbs的钢制安全罐。 8.Unique galvanized laminate with liquid leakage, anti-corrosion and liquid leakage, can support 400lbs steel safety can. 使用镀锌板折弯而成,带漏液漕设计把溢漏引向集油槽,以保护存货,并把液漏锁在柜中;牢固的镀锌钢板隔板可以调整上下高度, 6.8厘米的上下调节度以增加适用性.焊接的托架与搁板互锁,稳固到“不摇摆”的程度;不会像轻薄的托臂那样容易脱落, Bend from galvanized sheet, with leaky design to guide the spill to the oil collecting tank to protect the inventory and lock the leak in the cabinet; the solid galvanized steel partition can adjust the upper and lower height, Adjusted up and down to increase applicability . Welded brackets and shelves interlock and are stable to "do not sway"; they will not fall off as easily as thin support arms,

9. 表面预除油,再除油,除锈,清理,(使其表面形成一层保护膜,增大上粉率及牢固性)磷化,再清理,烘干,整体无铅环保喷塑等工序组成,柜体内外都喷涂有持久的,无铅的环保环氧树脂漆,能保持高光泽的外观, 9. Pre-degreasing the surface, then degreasing, derusting, cleaning, (make a protective film on the surface to increase the powder rate and firmness) phosphating, cleaning, drying, overall lead-free environmental protection plastic spraying And other processes, the inside and outside of the cabinet are sprayed with a durable, lead-free environmentally friendly epoxy resin paint, which can maintain a high-gloss appearance,

10. 标有三种语言的高可见度标签,耐腐蚀。 10. High visibility labels with three languages, corrosion resistant. 警惕性反光标签在光线很暗或火灾中都很容易让消防人员看到;其位置讲究,在检查或烟雾缭绕的时候时,都可被快速识别 Vigilant reflective labels are easy for firefighters to see in low light or in a fire; its location is particular and can be quickly identified during inspections or smoky conditions  

11. 两个可带有防火装置的通风口,分别位于柜身的两侧并可供连接通风系统。 11. Two vents with fire protection devices are located on both sides of the cabinet and can be connected to the ventilation system.

12. 调节组合地脚:由不锈钢螺丝、尼龙罩盖、橡胶材料组合,具有防滑、减震、耐酸碱、耐腐蚀、承重力强等特点;调节高度为0-30mm ,四个可调节水平支架,确保柜体稳固。 12. Adjustable combination feet: It is composed of stainless steel screws, nylon cover and rubber material. It has the characteristics of non-slip, shock absorption, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and strong bearing capacity. The adjustment height is 0-30mm and four adjustable levels The brackets ensure that the cabinet is stable.


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